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Friday, May 2, 2014

On-Line Pharmacy for PHD Veterinary Services!!

The above medications are just a few of the hundreds that my clients will be able to purchase via my on-line pharmacy!! The pharmacy will be open for business within the next 2 weeks and can be accessed at the following address:

PHD Veterinary Services On-Line Pharmacy

Once open for business, my clients will be able to register their pet's information and order the medications desired. I will receive an instant email to confirm authorization for the sale of the medications and the client will enter their credit card information. This pharmacy will contain hundreds of medications and nutraceuticals for cats, dogs, and horses! Once ordered the products will ship direct to my clients for quick delivery.

I anticipate that PHD Veterinary Service's on-line pharmacy will offer my clients an efficient and affordable method to purchase prescribed medications for their cats, dogs, and horses. There will be monthly sales on some of the more popular products so please visit my blog site to find out when the pharmacy is open for business!! Please visit the on-line pharmacy today and register your cats, dogs, and horses! 

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