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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Sore Time is here!!

Although I have already written a blog concerning summer sores in horses (go to: , the condition is a recurring one and it deserves another visit!! Below are several images from different horses that suffer from recurring habronemiasis or equine summer sores. The horse in Figure 1 suffers from recurring habronemiasis in all 4 limbs, whereas the horse in Figure 2 recently developed summer sores along his sheath!! These summers sores are medium in size and treatable with topical and systemic medication. However the horse in Figure 3 is suffering from a horrible summer sore of his lower limb that has not been treated but allowed to grow unabated and permanently disfigure the limb. It is frustrating to the horse owner that these lesions tend to return every year with the return of flies however if treated early and aggressively, management of this condition is quite do-able!!

Figure 1

Figure 2
For horses with recurring or first time habronemiasis, I recommend the following:

1: Systemic treatment with a dewormer containing Ivermectin. Treat twice, approximately 3-4 weeks appart.
2: Topical treatment with Dr. Porter's summer sore cream!!
3: If the summer sore is excessively large or in a location that is difficult to treat with topical medication, I recommend systemic therapy with corticosteroids. I prefer to medicate with a tapering dose of oral prednisolone over 30 days.

It is critical that the barn management incorporate a fly control program of their choosing. In addition, horses which suffer from recurring summer sores need to be treated the moment there is any redness or mild irritation present in the old summer sore sites!! If treated early, the lesion will typically respond favorably to topical medication without the need for systemic corticosteroids! 

Figure 3

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