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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Eye Lid Tumor in a Donkey

A 2 year-old female donkey presented to PHD Veterinary services for the complaint of multiple tumors surrounding the left and right eye. The tumors have been present for several months and have been treated by surgical debulking and intra-lesional injections with a variety of chemotherapy agents. However, the tumors continue to return. There is a golf ball size tumor just below the right eye and the left eye is nearly closed due to the tumor's involvement of the entire eye lid!

The plan for this donkey involves biopsy of the tumors followed by local treatment with an immune stimulant that contains mycobaterial cell wall extract. PHD veterinary services will be working with Dr. Brendan Mangan from Affiliated Veterinary Specialist in Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Mangan is a board certified ophthalmologist with extensive experience treating such cases! Dr. Mangan suspects that these tumors are sarcoids and not squamous cell carcinomas. Certainly, an unusual presentation for sarcoids in a young donkey!! Dr. Mangan submitted several core biopsies this week for confirmation and began treatment with the mycobaterial cell wall extract.

After the initial treatment with the immune stimulant, Dr. Mangan plans to surgically remove the tumors surrounding both eyes! Thereafter, it is likely that the injection of the local immune stimulant will be repeated along with focal cryotherapy. The biopsy results and follow-up pics will be added to this post next week so stay tuned!!!

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