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Friday, October 12, 2012


The images below are of those of a horse with chronic "founder" or laminitis. There has been significant deterioration of the coffin bone and severe distortion of the hoof wall capsule. Clearly, there has not been adequate care of this horse's feet by a farrier/veterinarian team. Chronic founder requires careful attention and care by a veterinarian AND a farrier. The changes in coffin bone alignment must be monitored via radiographs and corrective shoeing by the farrier is critical to reduce pain and further deterioration of the foot. 

The images below are of a different horse with chronic founder that resulted in the coffin bone rotating out the bottom of the foot. Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for this horse and his condition resulted in humane euthanasia. This end result can often be avoided however sometimes despite the most attentive veterinarian/farrier team, mother nature has the last say in the matter. 

This post will be the first of several discussing chronic laminitis/founder, so stay tuned!!!

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  1. Have had 2 founders in 40 years of owning horses. Both dealt with immediately and intensively. One treatment successful and one was not. I wish we knew more about which horses will recover and which will not. It would save much money for the owner and much needless suffering for the horse that just can't seem to recover. Are there any new breakthroughs on this?